Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015, part 2

I shared this blog on Facebook and didn’t know what to expect.  The love, support, kindness, and encouragement that I received meant so very much to me!  I don’t expect this blog to be anything more than a tiny hobby for me and maybe something my family and friends will look at and smile from time to time, but y’all made me feel like a real beauty blogger and I appreciate that immensely.  Now, on to the next five in the countdown!

6.  Makeup Geek Blush in Spell bound, $9.99 at  While I own my fair share of Makeup Geek’s inexpensive and generally well formulated eye shadows, this blush really earned a permanent place in my Z pallet.  The pigmentation is balanced so that it really shows up on your face yet isn’t so overly pigmented that you have to be careful when applying or if you’re ham handed, ahem, moi.  The shade is a matte (y’all know how I feel about matte) warm pink with a hint of peach that I find actually pulls quite neutral which is what truly makes it so special.  I can wear this with absolutely ANY eye look, lip color, dramatic, natural, cool or warm toned look and this blush manages to hold its own without clashing or overpowering anything else.

7. Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Pallette, $46 at  These eye shadows…they make me feel really, really happy.  This pallet is filled with matte (I know, I know), neutral (yes, again) shadows that are the epitome of what high quality shadows should be-highly pigmented, rich and creamy texture, blends like a milkshake on a summer day in Savannah…hot damn, these babies are fantastic!  I mean, there’s not a dud in the bunch, from the black to rusty brown to cream to taupe to well, every single one, they are wonderful.  The only caveat I could have is that they do kick up a bit of powder, therefore there is a risk of fall out.  Get over it.  They’re worth it.

8. Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black, $8.99 at  This liner lives up to the claims on the packaging, non-feathering, waterproof, and applies smoothly.  I also like that the felt tip nib on the pen is quite long which I find allows a bit more stability when you’re feeling a little wobbly…we’ve all been there, no shame.  The color itself is a deep, true black that I’ve found myself comparing to other, high and low-end, liquid liners, and y’all, I believe this is the blackest I’ve found.  Lasts throughout the day, doesn’t smudge, a little difficult to remove, but if you’re taking care of your skin enough to remove your make up fully, like you should, then any eye makeup remover you have on hand should be sufficient.

9. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, $21 at This concealer has some unique properties that I rather enjoy and have purchased numerous times throughout 2015, and 2014 for that matter.  The texture of this product is very thin and liquidy yet it provides full, and I mean full, coverage that dries down completely matte (!), and does not move.  I find that it doesn’t exacerbate any dryness but this can be tricky under the eyes as some find it too heavy since it isn’t an emollient, melt into your skin, type concealer.  Is this an everyday use product? No, but when I want to look flawless or my skin is behaving particularly hormonal, it’s a miracle.  The glass vial it comes in will shatter if you drop it on cement (what doesn’t?) and sometimes won’t let me get to the last few drops but I have and will continue to repurchase.

10. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Pressed Bronzer in Medium/Dark, $12.97 at  Pardon me while I catch my breath after typing that name!  Mercy!  Anyway, this bronzer has a matte finish with flecks of sparkle that don’t translate to the skin which makes it a lovely p0wder to warm up and slightly contour the perimeters of the face.  Don’t be fooled by the shade name, it’s a light, neutral toned brown with that balanced pigmentation that makes this easy to use without feeling the need to be extra careful.  For a complete, carved out, face altering contour, a la Adele and Kim K., will this work? No, but when mixed with a bit of gray based powder, like the Sephora Tranquil Colorful Contour, $15 at, it gives me the neutral shadows in the hollows, yeah right, of my cheeks and helps to disguise a bit of my double chin, along with a few more strategic places.

Stay tuned for the final installment of this series, coming soon!

Be beautiful,

Sally Sweet 😉



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