Why I love makeup

I come from a long line of cosmetics lovers. Some of my earliest memories involve sitting on the bathroom counter watching my mom hot roller her hair, apply a full face of makeup, and dress me and herself in matching outfits, with coordinating accessories, before heading out to the park and grocery store. I was probably the only child in t-ball that had a hair bow, socks, and shoelaces to match my uniform and was told not to get dirty before beginning the game. This desire to have a put together appearance extended to seeing my dad carefully shave, apply just the right cologne (out of the many in his collection) for the occasion, and making sure his belt matched his shoes and my mom’s purse. My grandmother was the queen of turning herself out well. She’d teeter around the kitchen in three inch heels and silk ensemble while cooking a soul food feast, entertaining a houseful of company, with perfectly coiffed (read big) hair and makeup. Considering all this, how could I not love cosmetics and the artistry in showing up in a big way?!

I love the ritual of sitting at your vanity or standing over your bathroom sink and carefully applying my face for the day. I even plan what makeup I’ll be wearing the night before. I love shopping my stash and finding little gems that I’d rotated through and remembering why I love that item in the first place. I love picking out the floral and breezy body spray to wear to a picnic or the rich and sultry perfumed oil to adorn myself with for a first date. I love the glamour of gliding along the cosmetic counters at Macy’s and the adrenaline pumping thrill of stepping into a Sephora. I love finding that brand new line at the drugstore or stumbling onto some close out (but within expiration dates) makeup at Big Lots. I love the way I can transform myself when I’m feeling drab or down into something fresh and exciting. I love the feeling of power that I get applying red lipstick before walking into a job interview. I love having a great skin day (a rare occurrence, trust me) and being able to skip right past the concealer for a lightweight bb cream. Makeup lets me express the beauty that I have within myself. Makeup connects me to the women and men that have performed these rituals before me. I love makeup.

Be beautiful,

Sally Sweet 😉


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